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December 2, 2005 Final Conflict
Soboba Casino, San Jacinto, California

King of the Cage Final Conflict - December 2, 2005 Soboba casino, San Jacinto

King of the Cage Final Conflict - Complete Results!

James Fanshier vs Thomas Denny (170 Title)
(Winner: Denny, 2nd round TKO)

Manny Tapia vs Ed Newalu (135 Title)
(Winner: Tapia, Decision)

Pat White vs Lawrence Gant
(Winner: Grant, Rear naked Choke 1st round)

Mike 'Joker' Guymon vs Chris Cessinaro
(Winner: Guymon, Choke in 1st round)

Aaron Brink vs Buckley Acosta
(Winner: Acosta, 1st round K.O.)

Dave Rivas vs Kaleo Kwon
(Winner: Rivas, Decision)

Brian Warren vs Javier Casio
(Winner: Warren, 1st round tko)

Shawn Bias vs Thomas Kenny
(Winner: Kenney, 2nd round submission)

Brian Sesma vs Mike Bourke
(Winner: Bourke, 1st round submission)

Cub Swanson vs Harris Sarimento
(Winner: Swanson, 1st round submission)

Rob McCullough vs Gabe Rivas
(Winner: McCullough, 2nd round submission)

Fernando Gonzales vs Ray Lazama
(Winner: Gonzales, Decision)

Nam Phan vs Chris Solomon
(Winner: Phan, 1st round submission)

Betto Cortina vs ??? Bearman
(Winner: Bearman, 1st round TKO)

Val Leedy vs Aaron Wetherspoon
(Winner: Wetherspoon, 1st round KO)

Johnny Vasquez vs Keith Berry
(Winner: Berry, 1st round KO)

Jason Wheat vs Joey Alverado
(Winner: Alverado, 1st round submission)

Lucas Tarver vs Eddie Mendez
(Winner: Tarver, 1st round submission)

Anthony Mendoza vs Robert Zunner
(Winner: Mendoza, 1st round submission)

San Jacinto, CA. December 2, 2005 at the Sabobo Casino.

Fight day was finally here and the fight everyone was looking forward to seeing was the re-match for the KOTC World Championship belt 170 lb Title between, Thomas "Wildman" Denny and James "The Educator" Fanshier, Also Manny Tapia was defending his 135 lb World Title against Ed Newalu from the Hawaii based 808 fight factory. I had the opportunity to have lunch with James Fanshier and he seemed very confident about his fight with Denny. He was happy to finally eat a big meal as most fighters are after the weigh-ins. I also spoke to the "Wildman" who told me he had trained so hard for this fight that he was more then ready.

The fight that turned out to be one of the best was Thomas Kenny vs. Sean Bias. This fight had some history behind it as I spoke with Thomas Kenny two hours before the fight and informed me that he had dropped from 195 lb to 155 lb to fight Sean Bias because Sean had defeated Thomas Kenny's Instructor/Teacher and out of respect for his Instructor/Teacher he would drop the weight and fight Bias.

Main Event: 170 lb World Title Bout
Thomas "Wildman" Denny vs. James "The Educator" Fanshier - This bout started with Denny getting the take down, however Fanshier was able to get back to his feet. The first round pretty much went with Denny taken Fanshier down with Fanshier getting back to his feet and then towards then end of the round Fanshier was able to throw Denny to the ground and started to land some shots, however they did not seem to affect Denny.

Second round started as Fanshier went in throwing and Denny came in and landed an overhand right directly to the face of Fanshier dropping him to the canvas as Denny mounted and Fanshier for the finish and referee Hurb Dean had no choice but to stop the fight as Fanshier was rocked. Denny went onto to cry in joy and happiness as he became, "The New" "World Champion" 170 lb KOTC.

CO-Main Event: 135 lb World Title Bout
Manny Tapia vs. Ed Newalu - Tapia wanted this fight to stay standing and bang, however Newalu wanted it to go to the ground, however with Manny sprawling and showing good Jiu-Jitsu he was able to avoid damage while being on the bottom.

Newalu had a point deducted for a low blow, and with Tapia being the more aggressive fighter Manny was able to pull out a unanimous decision to retain his Title.

Crowd favorite Nam Phan scored a quick win in only nine seconds of the first round with a nice armbar as Nam was once again victorious and after his win Nam called out recently crowned World Title holder Mac Danzig to put up his Title and Mac Danzig climbed into the cage and told Nam he would not take his belt, however he could have a shot at it.

In what turned out to be a great stand up battle Rob "Razor" Mc Collough was up against Arizona kickboxer Gabe Rivas. This I knew would be a stand up war as Mc Collough is a striker and kickboxer and Gabe Rivas is a stand up fighter. - This fight started out with both fighters standing and going toe to toe. Mc Collough was landing more shots and then Rivas, however the first round was pretty even.

In the second round it started to rain and Rivas was slipping a lot as the cage floor was wet, this did not seem to affect Mc Collough. After the cage floor was dried off the round was re-started and Rivas slipped and Mc Collough jumped on top of Rivas and rained downed several unanswered shots forcing the referee to stop the fight at 3:11 of the second round.

In another bout that was over very quickly, Veteran fighter Aaron Brink was knocked out by new comer Buckley Acosta nine seconds into the first round with a right hand that brink walked right into and was knocked to the canvas and the fight was over.

In one of the best fights of the night if not the best fight of the night!
Thomas Kenny vs. Sean Bias - Went toe to toe with both fighters landing some bombs and at the same time showing off some impressive Grappling and submission skills. Both fighters attempted the guillotine choke, however could not land it deep enough. The first round was pretty even, however Bias was bleeding from his head. At the end of the first round Bias licked his blood and was like yes bring it on he was in a zone!

The second round started with Bias landing a right hand that dropped Kenny and when Bias shot in Kenny was able to sink a side choke from the bottom forcing Bias to tap .23 into the second round. Kenny was able to avenge his Instructor/Trainers loss as promised. Kenny was ripped at 155 lb compared to 195 lb.

King of the Cage again had 19 fights, the last one getting over about 12:00 Midnight. The night was filled with knockouts, submissions, slipping on the mat as it was wet at times, however KOTC owner and the A-Team did a great job keeping the cage as dry as possible during the rains. No one out of the 5,000 fans left until all the fights had ended and then the party moved into the casino for some gambling and dancing in the night club. It was another great night of fights as usual with King of the Cage productions.

Terry Trebilcock and Ted Williams along with the "A-Team" do a great job in bringing great fights and excitement to the Cage on a regular basis.



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