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October 7, 2007 Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, CA

King of the Cage - Point of No Return - October 7, 2007 - Soboba Casino - San Jacinto, CA


Isaac Newton-Gomez defeats Jason Windeh via
TKO at 0:49 of round 1

Tim Humphry defeats Rob Rosales via
TKO at 0:37 of round 1

Sal Farnette defeats Anthony Mendez via
TKO at 4:26 of round 1

Frankie Guerrero defeats Matt Buckley via
Split Decision after 2 rounds

Jesus Morales defeats Alex Rickards via
KO at 3:04 of round 1

Rick Legere defeats Robert Doucet via
TKO at 0:46 of round 1

Gunnar Hinson defeats Greg Guzman at 4:16 of round 1

Frank Park defeats Rick Jones via
KO at 2:42 of round 1

Paul Arras defeats Greg Leinman via
TKO at 0:19 of round 1

John Lober defeats Damieon Gomez via
TKO at 3:20 of round 1

Roch Worthy defeats Dave Cryer at 0:09 of round 1

Melvin Costa defeats Angelo Mcleroy at 2:12 of round 2

William Sriyapai defeats Chai Sirisute via
Unanimous Decision after 2 rounds

Jeremy Bennett defeats Ricky Gunz via
TKO at 0:29 of round 1

Travis Havens defeats Daniel Nova via
KO at 1:12 of round 1

Andy Jewett defeats Edgar Irizarry via
TKO at 3:43 of round 1

Geno Salomone defeats Fabian Diaz via
Armbar at 2:04 of round 1




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Saturday September 26, 2009

Ute Mountain Casino
Cortez, CO

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