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October 4, 2008
Laughlin, NV

Cage Masters  - October 4, 2008

Bout #1
Scottie Merritt VS Jason Youseph
Scottie Merritt via Doctor Stoppage at the end (3:00) of Round 1 as Jason Youseph was unable to answer the bell

Bout #2
Archie Thompson VS Josh “Shark” Iuli
Josh “Shark” Iuli via KO at 0:20 of round 1

Bout #3
Bret Russell VS Nick Gallegos
Bret Russell via Triangle Choke @ 1:18 of round 2

Bout #4
Jose Portocarrero VS Ramon Contreras
Ramon Contreras via Kimura at 1:59 of round 1

Bout #5
Jason Weiss VS Bill Kearin
Jason Weiss via Doctor Stoppage (broken nose) at 1:11 of round 1

Bout #6
Rich Campbell VS Jonathan Brandon
Jonathan Brandon via KO at 0:18 of round 3

Bout #7
Jeff Torch VS Uber Gallegos
Uber Gallegos via TKO at 2:57 of round 1

Bout #8
Jason Squyers VS Neil Cooke
Neil Cooke via TKO at 0:10 of round 1

Bout #9
Ron Jeter VS Ernie Calma
Ernie Calma via Armbar at 0:26 of round 1

Bout #10
Matt Muramotto VS Ty Gilstrap
Matt Muramotto via Rear Naked Choke at 0:31 of round 2

Bout #11
Troy McDaniel VS Ernie Perea
Ernie Perea via KO (knee) at 0:27 of round 1

Bout #12
John McCally VS Greg Guzman
Greg Guzman via Armbar at 1:20 of round 1

Mike Low


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