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August 4, 2006 Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California

King of the Cage Rapid Fire August 4, 2006 Soboba Casino

King of the Cage
San Jacinto, CA Friday August 4, 2006

Well another great night of fights with 18 exciting bouts that had everyway you could win. We had submissions, knockouts, Referee stoppage, and doctor stoppage.

The fight of the night had to go to Brian Warren vs. James Fanshier. James came right out and opened some cuts on Brian's head and it looked like it might get stopped, however the doctors let it continue and then Brian got James with a nice right hand to James nose and it started to bleed pretty bad (Might have been broken?). Round to started with James hitting Brian with a flurry of unanswered punches forcing the Referee to stop the fight at 2:30 of the 2nd round. Both guys put on a great fight for the fans!

Two World Titles were on the line in the main events.  Thomas Kenny vs. Aaron Wetherspoon for the vacated 170lb Title. Aaron came out with a flurry of punches that cut Thomas open and Thomas was bleeding pretty bad. Thomas tried to take down Aaron and was unsuccessful in doing so and the frustration was setting in as Aaron was just to strong for Thomas. With 6 seconds left in the 2nd round Aaron landed a great knee to Thomas face as Thomas was trying to shoot in for the take down knocking Thomas out cold giving Aaron the 170lb KOTC World Title. Aaron was in tears as he had finally accomplished what every fighter wants and that is a World Title. Props to Thomas Kenny who kept brining it the entire fight.

In the other Title Fight Mac Danzig was putting his 155 lb Title up against Buddy Clinton.  The fight started with Clinton trying to take Mac down and when Clinton took Mac down Mac was able to get right back up. Mac landed a few good shots on Clinton the entire fight and was able to take Clinton down at will as Clinton was on his back almost the entire fight and really could not do anything to Mac. Clinton tried a couple submission attempts, however was not successful. After 3 rounds it was a unanimous decision for Mac Danzig as he successfully defended his Title to remain as the KOTC 155lb Champion.

In other action Nam Phan put his undefeated record on the line against Ryan Diaz. Ryan came out landing a few punches to Nam's face, however did not really do any damage as Nam came back and landed a few punches of his own. The first round was close, however Nam did more to win the first round. 2nd round was dominated by Nam as Ryan seemed to gas out and Nam took advantage of Ryan gassing and won the 2nd round, however when adding up the score cards they called it a draw which was a surprise to myself and the crowd as everyone was booing. After the next fight they brought Nam Phan back into the cage and announced that the score cards were added incorrectly and that Nam Phan won a split decision.

Next King of the Cage in San Jacinto will be Friday October 13, 2006. Get your tickets now. Krazy Mike reporting Live from San Jacinto, CA.

1) Johnny Vasquez defeats Donald Sanchez SUB R2 2:44
2) Cody Bollinger defeats John Colley TKO R1 0:50
3) Daniel Williams defeats Tim Cree SUB (armbar) R1 3:40
4) Jesse Taylor defeats Robert Sarkozi DEC R2 5:00
5) Brian Whiteaker defeats Brandon Bender DEC R2 5:00
6) Rudy Duran defeats Gerry Noche DEC R2 5:00
7) Shane Delrosario defeats Nemeth Gabor TKO R1 3:53
8) Manny Rodriguez defeats Brian Sesma TKO R1 4:26
9) Marcos Nava defeats John Burgos R1 TKO 1:18
10) William Sriyapai defeats Albert Hill KO R2 2:09
11) Cub Swanson defeats Richard Montano R2 DEC 5:00
12) Charlie Kohler defeats Kenny Tenario SUB (rear naked choke) R1 0:42
13) James Fanshier defeats Brian Warren TKO (cut) R2 2:30
14) Nam Phan defeats Ryan Diaz DEC R2 5:00
15) Akira Shoji defeats Todd Medina DEC R3 5:00
16) Manny Tapia defeats Shad Smith DEC R2 5:00
17) Aaron Wetherspoon defeats Thomas Kenney KO R2 4:54
18) Mac Danzig defeats Buddy Clinton DEC R3 5:00

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