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July 9, 2005 Apache Gold Casino
Phoenix, Arizona

King of the Cage Prime Time July 9, 2005 Apache Gold Casino

Apache Gold Casino and Resort, Globe, AZ. After a 5 hour drive through the rural country of the back woods of Arizona, I finally arrived at the casino. You could just tell this was going to be an electrifying night of fights with the main event being a rematch between Gabe Rivas and Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett. In the first fight that was ruled a draw, Rivas and Krazy Horse went toe to toe with Rivas winning the stand up battle and Krazy Horse winning the ground game as he took down Rivas at will. This rematch I do not see it going more then two rounds as I see a KO coming.3000+ fans turned out to this show located in a rural area in the middle of nowhere. You have to go through the mountains as if you were in Big Bear, CA. Elevation is at around 6500 Feet. They do have a super Walmart though, (laughs). The Apache Gold Casino and Resort is a great place for a get away for the whole family as they offer restaurants, swimming, gambling, hiking, and boating, just to name a few things to do. This would depend on where you live as you do a lot of these things in Laughlin or Vegas.  My take on the night of fights was that it was more then worth the $40 general admission as we had just about every way of winning a cage fight as you can have. It was just an all around great night of fun. Then you have the Casino for a little gambling. This was the first time I've seen two DQ's and so many Rear Naked Choke submissions.

Krazy Mike

Line up Card Outcome
1 (W) Ray Stienbless vs. Paul Karski
KO .12 R1
Frank Sanchez vs. Steve Mc Donald (W)
Naked Choke 3:27 R1
(W) Jesse Maring vs. Dallas Johnson
Rear Naked Choke 2:25 R1
(W) Rich Beecroa vs. Brad Reynolds
Strikes 1:40 R1
(W) Vincent Perez vs. Ryan Briscon
4:49 R1
(W) Leroy Fornoff vs. Stacy Hakes
Rear Naked Choke 2:25 R1
Jamie Varner vs. Tony Lames (W)
DQ Elbow to spine 1:45 R1
Brian Swanda vs. Keith Dixon (W)
Rear Naked Choke 2:45 R1
Adam Leos vs. Chad Dietmyer (W)r
Armbar 1:43 R1
(W) Robert Beraun vs. Ed Espinoza
KO Strikes :40 R1
(W) Maurice Jackson vs. Gabor Nemeth
Verbal Submission 1:21 R1
(W) Del Hawkins vs. Victor Hernandez
Rear Naked Choke
This fight was for the 135lb Title
(w) Shannon Ritch vs. Robert Sarrozi
Q 1:53 R1 Kick to head when Ritch was down.  (Both Fighters were down and Ritch was going for heel hook when kicked)
(W) Edwin Denees vs. Chance Williams
Denees Rear Naked Choke 1:16 R1 (Williams had a 70lb weight difference 300lb to 230lb)
Main Event of the Night
Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (W)
vs. Gabe Rivas
In a rematch. The first fight was a 3 round war ending in a draw. Winner: Krazy Horse Tap due to injury 2:21 R1
Rivas seemed to have possibly broken a hand or wrist (not confirmed) when Krazy Horse did a monster slam to the ground.

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Ute Mountain Casino
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