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May 24, 2008
Devol, OK

Rising Stars  - May 24, 2008


Bout #1
Bubba McDaniel defeats Alex Cisne 2:37 Rd.2 TKO

Bout #2
Kirk Gibson defeats Christian Sanchez :40 Rd.1 RNC

Bout #3
Rex Richards defeats Jeremy Carver 1:23 Rd.1 RNC


Bout #1
Skylar Holman defeats Demetrius Turner Un. Dec. 3rds

Bout #2
Marcos Madrid Defeats Hunter Tucker :47 Rd.3 Arm Triangle

Bout #3
Jesse Chaffin defeats Aaron Short :55 Rd.1 Guillotine

Bout #4
Rodney Sleepers defeats Ryan Chivarra :28 Rd.1 Tapout Via strikes

Bout #5
John Salter defeats Kasey Kromer 2:09 Rd.1 TKO

Bout #6
Eric Gunn defeats Matt Stephes :35 Rd.1 RNC

Bout #7
Travis Bledsoe defeats Omar French 1:51 Rd.2 Referee Stoppage

Bout #8
Cody Cothran defeats Filberto Clemente 2:52 Rd.1 Arm Triangle

Bout #9
Tom Blount defeats Justin Snow 2:07 Rd.1 RNC

Bout #10
Marcos Madrid defeats Skylar Holman 2:04 Rd. 1 Reverse Traingle.....Madrid is 145lb. Tourney Champ

Bout #11
John Salter defeats Rodney Sleepers :35 Rd.1 Armbar......Salter is 185lb. Tourney Champ

Mike Low


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Saturday September 26, 2009

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