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May 17, 2008
Greenville, Mississippi

Reckless  - May 17, 2008

145 tournament
#1 Mitch Lyons Def Dan Laubacher 1R 1:46 TKO
#2 Tim Galluzzi Def Ben Kristonis 2R 1:28 armbar

145 alternate fight
#3 Mo Procter Def Perry Williams 1R 1:20 armbar

205 tournament
#4 Todd Smart Def Jason Mitchell 1R 1:36 keylock
#5 Ovince St Preux Def Mike Cormier 1R 2:59 RNC

205 alternate fight
#6 Eric Turner Def Rodney Sleepers 2R DQ due to knee to the head on the ground. (I think Turner should change his name to Bourke.
They both deserve an academy award)
#7 Josh Robertson Def William Dazel 2R 1:36 TKO
#8 Wes Shivers Def Carlton Little 1R 1:53 RNC
#9 Brian White Def Johnny Hughes 1R 2:22 doctor stop due to cut on forehead
#10 Mike Perez Def Jason Goodin 1R 2:57 RNC
#11 Chris Gates Def Will Whilow 2R 1:58 TKO
#12 Jarrett Becks Def J.C. Pennington 3-0 Decision (Fight of the night)

145 tournament final
#13 Mitch Lyons Def Tim Galluzi 3-0 Decision

205 tournament final
#14 Ovince St. Preux Def Todd Smart 1R 1:28 KO

135 KOTC world Title
#15 Abel Cullem Def Ryan Diaz R5 1:27 armbar


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Saturday September 26, 2009

Ute Mountain Casino
Cortez, CO

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