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April 15, 2005 El Paso County Colliseum
El Paso, Texas

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King of the Cage Prime Time June 12, 2005 Soboba Casino

In El Paso county, coliseum fighters from across the globe wanted to open the Texas market with a resounding roar! And that's exactly what they did!

Alaskan Superstar Brian Ryan stepped up to take on one of Arizona’s most developing fighters, and in a war of fists, the battle was won by boxing pro Ryan.

Frank Marquez from Odessa Texas faced off against another of Arizona’s rising stars, Joe Vigil, to win a decisive first round submission.

From Mexico by way of El Paso, Texas, home town favorite Miquel Gutierrez showed no mercy against Universal Grappling Academy’s Brent Wooten, when a knee to the head got the ref involved to save the Californian for another day.

Mike Valdez in a grudge match against El Paso’s own Theo McDonnald answered the boos and hisses by TKO-ing the home town favorite by exploding his eye with a very unappealing 69 top mount position.

Mario Stapel of Frankfurt, Germany had a kickboxing party with US kickboxing champion John
Cronk, ending the fight by a cut to the eye that could not be stopped.

Del Hawkins defeated Leo Urquides in the Gladiator Challenge title fight for the 135 weight division. Leo apparently controlled the fight but could not answer the bell for the second round when his knee came out. Hawkins made his first move as a champ to prove he was truly deserving of the title by offering a rematch any time and thanking Urquides for the opportunity.

Hugo Sida defeated Tommy Gouge after Gouge arrived that morning on a bus from Oklahoma, but in the total domination of the entire 38 seconds of the fight, one must ask if the bus ride made a difference or was Hugo just that freeking good.

Tim Persey, known as Big Perm, defeated Tony Sylvester in a three round battle that made the roof shake and the fans cheer.

With Quinton Jackson in one corner, and Dan Bobish in the other, it was the match that could have been. Quinton’s guys came out on top, but both guys are on the way to greatness.

Brendan Sequin, one of the world’s best 185 lb. fighters, faced off against relative newcomer Jared Rollins, who had no dust in his attic. Though Brendan came out on top in a beautiful display of skill, natural talent, and power, Jared Rollins is sure to be on the hunt for a rematch as his skills were displayed brilliantly, and only because of my prior knowledge of Rollin’s record did I not think these were two seasoned fighters working to reach the title.

Line up Winner Loser Won By
1 Brian Ryan
Andy Montana
KO 3:17 Rd #1
Frank Marquez
Joe Vigil Triangle Choke :46 Rd #1
Miguel Gutierrez
Brent Wooten KO :14 Rd #1
Mike Valdez
Theo McDonnald Doc Stoppage 2:06 Rd #1
Mario Stapel
John Cronk Ref Stoppage 2:47 Rd #1
Del Hawkins
Leo Urquides Failed to Answer Bell Rd #2
Hugo Sida
Tommy Gouge Arm Bar :38 Rd #1
Tim Persey
Tony Sylvester TKO 3:31 Rd #3
Brendan Sequin
Jared Rollins TKO 2:19 Rd #1

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Forged Steel - Ute Mountain Casino - Cortez, CO - Saturday September 26, 2009
Saturday September 26, 2009

Ute Mountain Casino
Cortez, CO

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