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February 5, 2005 Socorro National Guard Armory
Albuquerque, New Mexico

King of the Cage Uprising - New Mexico

UPRISING - February 5, 2005

King of the Cage Uprising set out to accomplish the goal of returning a quality Mixed Martial Arts production. In front of a capacity crowd the show accomplished that and more.

The first fight of the night hosted two MMA 1st timers, but you couldn't tell by watching. A furious assault of punches and veteran wrestling moves brought the crowd to their feet where they stayed the rest of the night. Reversal of fortunes one after the other kept these two warriors struggling for dominance. The fight ended in the middle of the second round with Jose Marquez finally tapping out to the ground and pound of Richard Montano.

The second fight had pitted a Jiu-jitsu game plan vs a straight up street fighting game plan. Early in the action Erik Kusevick was able to secure an almost decisive triangle when Edgar Delgado on ‘pure mean' worked his way out to land a slew of shots to Erik. After regaining his composure the trained guy overcame the guy in ‘Mean' as happens nearly always in this evolved state in the sport. Kusevick finished Delgado via Armbar in the first round.

Damacio Page making his MMA debut showed the hometown crowd what his plans for success were and it was tapping out Will Tolliver by strikes early in the first round. Tolliver did launch an attack early on to take Page down, but was no match for the energy the screaming crowed brought to the cage.

Michael Gonzalez, the second pure street fighter stepped into the cage with Jui Jitsu veteran Jerome Sierra both coming off of a loss to Greg Jackson's newest superstar Brian Schall wanted to see which of the two could really come back from the loss in style. Sierra wrapped Gonzalez us early in the first round and pushed him to the cage. Gonzalez was able to work his way out to land a devastating right hook that knocked Sierra cold to the matt. In this match up the street fighter proved that it isn't all Jui Jitsu and gave hope to those that the second fight of the night shattered the hopes of. Sometimes being bad is bad enough.

Steven Bratland and Theo McDonald in the fifth fight of the night was a bloody ballet of the guard and the mount. Bratland controlled the fight on the ground in the guard and half guard of McDonald. Neither able to make progress beyond the positions they held McDonald was able to land a strike to the nose of Bratland early on causing a river of blood to shower the cage and McDonald. The doctor was called in to look at the injury, but it was found to be superficial and the fight continued. The smile
on the face of Bratland during the entire fight had the crowd shouting his name until the final bell.

“Mr. Nice Guy” Steven Bratland won a unanimous decision over Theo McDonald after two rounds of bloody action. Both fighters left wiping the mess from their bodies.

Cobra Kai trained Dave Terrell of Las Vegas came in to prove a point to Owner Terry Trebilcock that he had what it took to make it far. With former world champion Joe “Daddy” Stevenson in his corner he had all the tools. He was fired up to face the El Paso boxing sensation Patrick Dixon. The fight started with both coming out looking to trade blows. Dixon scored first with a devastating right hand that shook the cage. Terrell's instinct to survive took over and he shot in and took Dixon to the ground. Terrell lifted Dixon from the matt and carried him to the corner where owner Trebilcock was sitting, set Dixon back on the matt with his head on the cage and began a clinic of ground and pound. With a calm look Terrell landed blow after blow until Dixon was forced to Tap finding it impossible to out wrestle the best wrestler of the night.

Melville Calabaca, an MMA Veteran, but King of the Cage first appearance came all the way from Chinley AZ to fight a local legend of Portales New Mexico in Josh Singleterry. Between the two men more than 600 pounds pounded the floor of the cage. Upon entering the cage Singleterry pounded the stairs, matt, and corner posts of the cage as he carried a look of insanity around the cage. Calabaca stood calmly as Raul Perrada called them to the center of the cage to explain the rules. After a tapping of the gloves Singleterry came out like a boar charging Calabaca with power that stunned everyone and nearly through Calabaca to the matt. Leaping to overcome the reach advantage of Calabaca, Singleterry landed his last devastating blow of the fight. Calabaca now had his bearings and began to use his kickboxing to take the wind from Josh's sails. After a few well placed kicks to the midsection and legs Calabaca forced Singleterry to shoot. Perhaps not realizing the damage the kicks did, his shot came up short and week. Calabaca closed on the mistake and tapped Singleterry with a few well placed bombs to the head.

Nam Phan was flown in from Southern California to fight BJJ black belt and world famous Rani Yahia from Brazil. When immigration prohibited Yahia's entry into the states because he had an Arabic name morning of the weigh ins Mike Valdez, a local fighter from Albuquerque stepped up and took the challenge even with having not trained for three months prior. The fight started with Valdez reigning down punishment on Phan and taking the better trained Phan to the ground. Phan was able to fight for his guard and from their he displayed his training and talent. As Valdez tried to pass the guard Phan was able to secure an ankle lock that sent Valdez into a spinning frenzy. After five revolutions he was able to escape back to his feet. Again with the bombs of power Valdez sent Phan to the ground. Again seeing Phan secure a near fight ending submission with a Kimura. Valdez leaped into forward flip bringing his arm to the front of his body. Now with Phan in the guard position Valdez dropped shots that caused yet another submission opening for Phan. Valdez now in an arm bar he spun his body to return to the guard of Phan. At this point though Phan was familiar with the escape tactics of Valdez and held him close. As Valdez dropped another right hand Phan pulled his head into a triangle that Valdez could not escape. In two minutes and four seconds not one person in the crowd took a breath. The local hero tapped and the gasp of despair engulfed the venue. Soon thereafter
the crowd saw the skill of both fighters and cheered Phan into acceptance. Valdez showed his salt and will surely return for more. This time with training and preparedness in his corner.

Brian Schall of Jackson 's Submission fighting in Albuquerque coming off of two wins in King of the Cage was ready for his shot to make it three. This time fighting King of the Cage Veteran Shane Schartzer. Schall took and early shot and after getting Schartzer to the matt the Jackson 's style took over. Methodical breathing and working slowly at opening the submission possibilities Schall worked through the aggressive style of Schartzer and managed to find the hole he needed to punish the head of Schartzer. After several blows the ref stepped in to call the match a TKO.

Ruben “Warpath” Villarreal a legend in Northern California and Pay Per View Veteran paired up against the banger Vince Lucero of Phoenix.leg slowed was flying and bombs were landed by both fighters and the action was steady into the second round with neither fighter keeping the lead for long. Neither fighter familiar with fighting at 5000 feet caused a slow down in the middle of the second round. An injured leg slowed the pace of Lucero's comebacks even more when finally the strength and tenacity of Warpath paid off with the ref stopping the match and declaring Warpath the winner.

Jon Rosas coming off his first loss against Jimmy Westfall was paired up with Eric McElroy coming off of two wins in King of the Cage. This fight promised to be a war with both fighters preferring to strike, but McElroy pulled a shot as his first assault only to be pounded by Rosas on his back and more that 10 powerful shots to his ribs. Rosas held McElroy in his guard for the first minute of the action but McElroy was able to trap Rosas's ankle and spin Rosas around to free his head that Rosas had trapped. This gave McElroy the chance to get the mount which was immediately responded to by Jon making it to his hands and knees opening himself up for a moment of shots that forced Raul to make the decision to stop the fight by TKO. Perhaps not the result the crowed wanted, but the experience of Raul Perrada has kept countless fighters safe and this was no exception. After the fight Rosas was
offered a rematch by King of the Cage in the next Albuquerque show but McElroy declined the same offer.

In the main event, Charles Krazy Horse Bennet came all the way from Ocala Florida to answer a challenge by New Mexico 's lightweight veteran coming off of two victories in King of the Cage against Leo Urdiquez and Ed Tomasselli, Victor Hernandez. Coming up in weight to meet Krazy Horse at is everyday weight of 155, Hernandez was sure his Jui Jitsu skills and formidable chin could handle the power of the Horse. Reminiscent of the Shad Smith fight a couple years ago Krazy Horse jumped up to the top of the cage and insisted Hernandez join him. Raul Perrada put himself between the Horse and Hernandez and Bennet jumped down. Hernandez through two powerful rights that Bennet was able to back away from and then in Hernandez's persistent style of throwing punches he caught Krazy Horse in the bridge of the nose. If only Krazy Horse didn't land a more solid right hook to the jaw of Hernandez dropping him limp to the matt. Krazy Horse ascended to the top of the cage again and did his trademark back flip causing the Albuquerque crowd to cheer with approval.

A night of knockouts and wars of champions re-conquered the land of the White Oaks in Albuquerque's King of the Cage Uprising.

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