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January 21, 2006 Outlaws
Apache Gold Casino, Arizona

King of the Cage Outlaws - January 21, 2006 Pheonix, AZ

1) Bryan Pardoe defeats Ryan Proy 1:30 R1 TKO
2) David Carrasco defeats Keith Dixon 4:11 R1 SUB (strikes)
3) Leroy Fornoff defeats Joe Castillo 1:23 R2 TKO
4) Jesse Moreng defeats Victor Hernandez 2:46 R1 SUB (rear naked choke)
5) Travis Hooke defeats Justin Scott 3:13 R1 SUB (guillotine)
6) Luke Hodges defeats Jacob Chagolla 5:00 R2 DEC
7) Daniel Madrid defeats Gilbert Velez 0:55 R2 SUB (choke)
8) Estevez Jones defeats Ryan Potter 1:55 R2 KO
9) Jon Kessler defeats Tony Roybal 1:54 R1 (armbar)
10) Chance Williams defeats Ron Rumpf 0:21 R1 TKO
11) Matt Dell defeats Shawn Canova 1:47 R2 SUB (fatigue)
12) Emanuel Newton defeats John Lansing 1:04 R1 TKO
13) Paul O'Keefe defeats Jonathon Wesson 2:24 R1 SUB (choke)
14) Del Hawkins defeats Gabe Brockmier 2:04 R1 KO
15) Kyacey Uscola defeats Robert Sarkozi 5:00 R2 DEC
16) Edwin Dewees defeats Buckley Acosta 0:57 R1 SUB (triangle choke)




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Saturday September 26, 2009

Ute Mountain Casino
Cortez, CO

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