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Low Kick

Chillin’ in Mt. Pleasant, MI with LowKick

We had another great night of fights here in Michigan! I was skeptical about how the turnout would be as the show was on a weeknight and on the eve of a major holiday. But the cold Gods did hold off and kept the roads clear and the King Of The Cage fans did not disappoint and showed up in droves to fill up the arena at the Soaring Eagle Casino And Resort. Here’s a few tidbits and highlights from the show…

Dan Severn Vs Don Richard
Both fighters spent a majority of the first round in the clinch. Severn took the first round by staying busy and getting the better of Richard. During the second, Richard landed some inside right kicks, which led to a few exchanges of punches. Richard had a few chances to let them fly, but could not capitalize on them. The third round was pretty much the same as the first, with the exception that Severn got a takedown at the end of the last round. Severn outscored his opponent and took home the victory via Unanimous Decision.

Severn announces after the match that he will retire when he turns 50 in 2008

James Lee Vs Dan Bessant
King Of The Cage Light Heavyweight Championship
James Lee made quick work of Dan Bessant by getting a quick takedown early in the bout, and then securing an Arm Triangle from side mount.

Lee then addressed the crowd and announced that he is leaving the KOTC and has signed with the UFC as an opponent for Alessio Sakara in the UFC on Jan. 19th. Maybe we could see Tony Bonnello Vs Melvin Costa for the now, vacated title.

Clay French Vs Jason Ireland
King Of The Cage Lightweight Championship
This was a great fight. Jason Ireland was able to get French into a Triangle Choke, but Clay was able to escape. French took Ireland’s back, dug his hooks in, stretched Ireland out, and landed several blows to the sides of Ireland’s head, but Ireland covered up very well and referee Herb Dean stood both fighters up. French got in a quick slam before the first round ended.

French opened the second round with a takedown on Ireland and worked the Ground and Pound. French made an unsuccessful attempt at a Kimura. The round ended with Ireland sinking a Guillotine Choke and French holding off as the round ended.

The final round starts with another quick slam by Clay French. French took Ireland’s back, stretched him out again and landed more punches to Ireland’s head, which again, he blocked most of by covering up very well. Ireland was able to get out of it and ended up on in French’s guard, but it was French that took advantage of the position and attempted a Kimura from the bottom, which looked good, but Ireland was able to escape it.

Clay French is awarded the match with a Unanimous Decision, and Ireland follows suit as the other two main events and announces his retirement.

A few more quick notes from the fights. I was very impressed with Josh Barnes, who gave up 70 pounds to his opponent and took a very solid punch from Callard. But Callard could not withstand the two blows from Barnes that finished him off. I really look forward to seeing him fight in KOTC again and get his first pro fight.

Justin Crosby also impressed me in his loss to Josh Lawrence. Crosby was in some pretty bad pain with what looked to be a separated shoulder early in the round and showed a lot of heart fighting through it.

That’s it from back east. I’ll you guys at Soboba next weekend!
LowKick Mike

JD: There’s a couple of things. I have this conversation a lot and they say it’s the fastest growing sport ever. Every time you turn around, whoever’s announcing or talking about MMA is thumping his chest talking about how it’s the fastest growing sport ever. It’s going to hit a glass ceiling when you have the champions testing positive for steroids. When you have the biggest name in the sport who is not a fighter is constantly say mother-f this and mother-f that. We can’t have that. You can’t have guys winning fights and flipping off the cameras to and from the ring. So what’s going to happen is that people are going to get tired of it, especially with the steroids thing.

Complete results from King Of The Cage “Bad Boys” 11/21/08

Bout #1 155 lbs (Amateur- three, 3 minute rounds)
Dan Claus Vs Muzzy Kahn
Winner: Muzzy Kahn via arm bar at 2:00 of round 1

Bout #2 170 lbs (Amateur- three, 3 minute rounds)
Dom O’Grady Vs Jason Holmes
Winner: Dom O’Grady via arm bar at 0:47 of round 2

Bout #3 155 lbs (Amateur- three, 3 minute rounds)
Joel Roberts Vs Miles Jury
Winner: Miles Jury via KO at 1:35 of round 1

Bout #4 Heavyweight (Amateur- three, 3 minute rounds)
Steve Callard Vs Josh Barnes
Winner: Josh Barnes via KO at 0:13 of round 1

Bout #5 170 lbs
Josh Lawrence Vs Justin Crosby
Winner: Josh Lawrence via Guillotine Choke at 4:21 of round 1

Bout #6 205 lbs
Bobby Martinez Vs Brad Burrick
Winner: Brad Burrick via Unanimous Decision after two, five minute rounds

Bout #7 185 lbs
Josh Taibil Vs Victor Torres
Winner: Victor Torres via Verbal Submission due to strikes at 2:03 of round 1

Bout #8 205 lbs
Terry Davinney Vs Nate Carey
Winner: Nate Carey via Rear Naked Choke at 2:39 of round 1

Bout #9 Heavyweight
Don Richards Vs Dan Severn
Winner: Dan Severn via Unanimous Decision after three, 5 minute rounds

Bout #10 205 lbs (Light Heavyweight title bout)
Danny Bessant Vs James Lee
Winner: James Lee via Arm Triangle at 0:41 of round 1

Bout #11 155 lbs (Lightweight title bout)
Jason Ireland Vs Clay French
Winner: Clay French via Unanimous Decision after three, 5 minute rounds

Who is Mike Low?  Click here and find out.

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