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King of the Glossary of Terms


Achilles Lock
A popular foot lock/hold that can take many variations, but is ultimately dependent on manipulating and applying pressure on the heel and Achilles tendon.

A type of arm lock typical of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which the arm is hyper-extended at the elbow in order to get an opponent to submit or "tap out."


An American sport/fighting style. Boxing is dependant on using quick footwork and punches. Although not considered a formal martial art, boxing's offensive and defensive techniques are invaluable in the sport of mixed-martial arts.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
A predominantly ground oriented martial art which was originally derived from traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. In the past decade, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's popularity has spread due to its success in mixed martial arts contests. The art is heavily based around the development of numerous submission holds, but emphasis is also placed on gaining and maintaining advantageous positions.


Catch Wrestling
A form of wrestling that incorporates submission holds.

A move blocking the carotid artery in the neck, restricting the passage of blood to the brain. Failing to "tap" can put the victim into a temporary state of unconsciousness.

A position in which two fighters are face to face, usually with their arms and upper body locked, performed either for a "breather" or to protect against strikes. Some fighters have mastered the art of the clinch for offensive purposes, throwing effective short punches and/or knees from this position.


Double Leg Take Down
A take down that is accomplished by driving an opponent up and forward by grabbing both of his legs (or both ankles), leading to both contestants going to the ground. An alternate version is the single leg take down.



The act of "hooking" a finger into an opponent's mouth or ears and pulling much like a fish on a hook. This move is illegal in King of the Cage.


A general term used to describe wrestling and ground oriented martial arts.


Head Butt
To strike an opponent using the head. This move is illegal in King of the Cage.

Heel Hook
A popular and dangerous submission hold, which is applied on the heel and then fully accomplished by twisting the knee at the joint.



A Japanese martial art founded in the 19th century. A derivative of Jiu-jitsu, both share some of the same history and techniques, though Judo has been refined as more of a sport (striking is not allowed). Judo emphasizes throws and take downs.


Kick Boxing
A martial art related to western boxing, but incorporating strikes with the legs. Various styles exist with Muay Thai being among the most popular.

A submission hold that hyper-extends the leg at the knee.

An acronym for "knock out," a term typically used in boxing. A KO is the act of a fighter taking a hard blow and temporarily losing consciousness.


Leg Lock
A submission hold that focuses on the leg or ankle.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
A hybrid sport allowing participation by all martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles. As a result, participants must be well rounded in all techniques. The safety of the fighters is paramount in mixed martial arts events.

Muay Thai
A form of kickboxing originating from Thailand. Unlike traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai allows low kicks, elbows, and knees and is considered among the elite striking arts.


An acronym for "No Holds Barred" (see "No Holds Barred").

No Holds Barred
A popular term used to describe "mixed martial arts" events. Due to the evolution of the sport and implementation of safety rules, the term "no holds barred" is outdated but remains popular among fans.





Rear Naked Choke
A type of choke that is applied behind an opponent, capturing his back. A rear naked choke is the most advantageous type of chokes as far as positioning.


A Russian martial art that combines elements of wrestling and Japanese Judo. Sambo is much vaunted for its submission holds, especially on the legs.

Single Leg Take Down
A take down that is accomplished by driving an opponent up and forward by grabbing one leg (or an ankle), leading to both contestants going to the ground. An alternate version is the double leg take down.

Small Joint Manipulation
Any variation of submission holds which consist of twisting, popping, or hyperextending a small joint, such as the fingers or toes. Such holds are illegal in King of the Cage.

A loose "art" consisting of experience gained by fighting "on the streets." Unlike other martial arts, street fighting places opponents into realistic fight situations, but also exposes them to unnecessary danger.

The act of hitting an opponent with the arm, hand, elbow, head, foot, leg, or knee.

Submission Hold
A choke or joint manipulation that is meant to cause an opponent to submit or "tap out."

Submission Wrestling
A hybrid style of wresting that is popular in Japan. This style combines portions of wrestling with submission holds. Submission Wrestling has many different variations.


Take Down
The act of putting your opponent to the floor via tackle, sweep, Greco-throw, or other technique, typically involving the legs.

Tap/Tap Out
An act of submission or "giving up" in which an opponent, hopelessly captured in a submission hold or being pummeled by strikes, taps the mat or his opponent in lieu of blacking out or risking bodily harm.

For the proper definition consult Eddie "The Greek" Bravo.



Vale Tudo
Portuguese for "anything goes." This term is made in reference to "no holds barred" fighting events that began in Brazil.


An ancient sport that dates back to the dawn of man. Contestants use leverage and technique to accomplish take downs and achieve and maintain advantageous positions. There are many variations and styles of wrestling. Although wrestling is not considered a formal martial art, its techniques for positioning and control on the ground are invaluable
in the sport of mixed-martial arts.





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