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Daryl Jones


Height: 5'10.5"

Weight: 2007: 314 pounds off-season, goal of 260 for competition

Waist: 36"

Thighs: 33"

Calves: 21"

Chest: 61"

Arms: 22 5/8"

Neck: 19"

Birthday: July 24

Birth Place: Berkeley California

Favorite foods: Bar-B Cue Pork ribs, Chinese food (Shrimp Fried Rice), Sweet Potato Cheese Cake (At Gladys Night's restaurant in Atlanta, Ga.) Strawberry Cheese Cake (the whole cake) & Orange Sherbet.

Children: Cettina, Desarae, & Daryl D. Jones II

Life Experience and Achievements

Training since: Summer of 1979 in the back yards of Los Angeles, no gym.

How training began: In the summer of 1979 I saw my cousins Tony, & Tommy, sporting the biggest 16 inch arms I'd ever seen! I asked them to show me how to make my arms like theirs, so they took me to the back yard of our neighbor Micheal's house, where they showed me how to curl and bench press and I was on my way...

Hobbies: Going to the gym with my wife Karen (so she can kick the crap out of me during training) & going to the movies spending time with my family.

Goals: To live life happily and successful, as a entrepreneur business man.

Weak points: They will not exist. I've taken the time to listen to "everyone" even the people who have never competed and I've already began new construction on my entire lower body. I'm very blessed on my body what ever I've trained has always responded in record time.

Program: I train on a 5 day rotation, for example it takes me 5 days to train my entire body on day 6 I either take that day off or begin my 5 day training cycle again it all depends on my energy levels if I'm feeling good I might not take a day off until 10 or 11 days down the road, you have to remember this sport is from the HEART not from the books.

Heaviest lifts:
Bent over row 505lbs.
Squats 655lbs.x's 4 reps (700lb.coming before 12/31/05)
Bench press 515lb. for reps

Contest Record

NPCNationals(IFBB Pro Qualifier)

6th Place Super Heavyweight
November 2007

NPC North American Championships (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
3st Place Heavyweight Masters Division
August 2007

NPC Masters Nationals(IFBB Pro Qualifier)
3st Place Super Heavyweight Masters Division
July 2007

NPC North American Bodybuilding Figure & Fitness Championships (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
2st Place Heavyweight Masters Division
11st Place Heavyweight Division
September 2006

Europa Supershow Pro/Am - Bodybuilding Figure & Fitness Championships (NPC National Qualifier)
1st Place Masters Division
1st Place Heavyweight Division
& Overall Champion
August 2006

Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Classic (NPC National Qualifier)
3rd Place Masters Division
3rd Place Super Heavyweight Division
May 2006

Nationals (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
Competed, Did not Place in Super Heavyweight Division
November 2003

Tournament of Champions (NPC National Qualifier)
1st Place and Overall Super Heavyweight Division
September 2003

Nationals (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
12th Place Super Heavyweight Division
November 2001

Border States XXIII Bodybuilding Championships (National Qualifier)
1st Place and Overall Champion Super Heavyweight Division
September 2001

USA Bodybuilding Championship (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
12th Place Heavyweight Division
July 2001

Nationals (IFBB Pro Qualifier)
13th Place Heavyweight Division
October 1999

Tournament of Champions (NPC National Qualifier)
1st Place and Overall Heavyweight Division
August 1999

Orange County Bodybuilding Championship (National Qualifier)
1st. Place Heavyweight Division
April 1998

Tournament of Championship (National Qualifier)
1st. Place & Overall Heavyweight Novice Division
August 1997

Natural U.S. Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship
2nd Place
September 1994

Natural World Bodybuilding Championship
1st Place & Overall Novice Tall Division
July 1994

Natural Mr. California Bodybuilding Championship
1st. Place Novice Tall Division
June 1994


Pay Per View
SAT- 9/20 "Aerial Assault II"
Menominee Casino Resort
Keshena, WI
SAT- 9/27 "Magnum Force"
Black Bear Casino Resort
Carlton, MN
SAT- 9/27 "Haymaker"
Las Cruces Convention Center
Las Cruces, NM
THU- 10/2 "Battle for the Belt"
San Manuel Casino
Highland, CA
SAT- 10/4 "Diversion"
WinnaVegas Casino Resort
Sloan, Iowa
SUN- 10/12 "Lone Survivor"
The Meadows Casino
Washington, PA
SUN- 10/18 "Rebellion"
Lake of the Torches Casino
Lac du Flambeau, WI
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